GiveAwae: Everything You Need To Know

DanTech LLC is introducing a unique, innovative multivendor marketplace platform called GiveAwae to host various suppliers and skill trades in one place. This disruptive and robust platform will focus more on connecting consumers, retailers, and service providers. Helping retailers enhance their digital visibility and improve sales, assist skilled service providers to monetize their talent and provide services to a diverse customer base. It will be an online site for customers as well as business owners. The platform is developed with two overarching goals: to make it simpler for people to find affordable products/services and to help promote businesses that need an alternative sales channel and enhanced market visibility. We will help different merchants find opportunities to enhance their business and get more clients through this.

According to the requirements, visitors can easily book and acquire goods and services through our single and unique marketplace.


Our main motive for starting up this multivendor marketplace platform is that we look to helping retailers attract more customers and increase their sales performance through online platform. Moreover, also showcasing and enhancing various service providers’ skills by landing them among the customers who require their kind of service.

The driving force for our platform is that we consciously want to provide a single roof to the customers to acquire goods and services on one platform like a stop shop! we develop the platform using technology solutions to meet the needs of current target market, providing an integrated and complete marketplace solution making it easy for the consumers to find the best and affordable goods and services rapidly from one area and in turn helping skills men and  retailers increase their online visibility and promote their businesses through a different sales channel.

Operating Area

Our company has started up its origin in California with self-funding and lots of effort. As a result, the company is registered globally: the USA, Australia, South Africa, and Liberia. As per the markets’ rules and regulations in these countries, we can provide better payout services to producers, retailers, and service providers.

Moreover, we are also permitted that we may even get our ads and draws published according to the laws. When our company starts its operation, all these efforts will help the platform gain more users and profits. Our unique online platform is looking forward to getting registered in Nigeria, Ghana, Estonia and Canada this October.


Development of the App and website for various devices is in rapid process and will be launching out soon this November 2020, work been completed as follows:

  • Website is 90% developed
  • 95% of IOS version
  • 90% of android version
  • Daily increasing followers on social media platforms.


With the motive of making the sale and purchase of various goods and services more accessible for consumers and retailers, manufacturers, and services providers, we will start our platform soon and introduce it globally. We hope our platform will get a chance to showcase our talents and skills among our customers.