GiveAwae is Featured as One of the Hottest Apps in 2020

Giveawae, an online hub for small retailers, has been listed as one of the hottest apps in the article "101 Of the Hottest Apps and App Development Startups to Keep an Eye on in 2020" published by Startup Pill. It feels like an overnight success, but we put sweat and blood into the concept for years.

Giveawae is a new online marketplace aiming to connect struggling businesses with their customers and increase their digital visibility by providing a simple, streamlined locale for consumers to buy and procure goods and services.

GiveAwae was born when we apprehended the web offers everything to their customers, yet the buyers and sellers are suffering to get the desired results. We were astonished by the fact and started to look for the reason behind it. This is when we found out that people who are always looking for one service or the other have to go to different places online to find a suitable service. The users find it hectic to visit various sites and begin their research for every product from scratch.

It then struck our minds that what if there could be a platform that could be a one-stop solution for both buyers and sellers. This was when the idea of GiveAwae came to us. We thought about it, discussed the idea, brainstormed, did our research, and are today.

GiveAwae's platform delivers both products and services that would otherwise have difficulty separating them in a crowded marketplace. Furthermore, it offers its customers a wide array of goods and services in a more intimate shopping experience than Amazon or Wayfair can manage.

As businesses scramble to adapt to the new consumer landscape, GiveAwae offers its platform to product retailers and service providers. Giveawae is unique because it promotes the trades, tutors, hairstylists, house cleaners, and auto detailers, among countless other services. Giveawae is looking to become not just a product search engine but a one-stop-shop for all of their customer's wants or needs.

After all, this hard work, being featured as one of the top apps, has brought the end of the year 2020 on a good note. We are working hard to grow even more to get the best services for the buyers and sellers.

Stay Tuned!