GiveAwae: The 21st Century Shopping Mall

This holiday season one online service may be saving many small retailers from shuddering their doors. GiveAwae, a new online marketplace, is aiming to connect these struggling businesses with their customers and increase their digital visibility by providing a simple, streamlined locale for consumers to buy and procure goods and services.

Ecommerce’s growth had been exponential and even before the pandemic. The days of brick and mortar are drawing to an end and the antiquated notion of ‘foot traffic’ has been replaced by the harder to quantify ‘web traffic’. The first floor kiosk closest to the parking garage may not be coveted real estate any longer, but GiveAwae wants to usher that multi-vendor, mall shopping consumer experience into a new era.

Now more than ever consumer demand is driven by convenience and accessibility. GiveAwae’s platform delivers both to a multitude of products and services that would otherwise have difficulty separating themselves in a crowded marketplace. Furthermore, it offers its customers a wide array of goods and services in a more intimate shopping experience than an Amazon or Wayfair can manage.

As businesses scramble to adapt to the new consumer landscape, GiveAwae offers its platform to not only product retailers, but service providers, as well. GiveAwae is unique in that it promotes the trades, tutors, hair stylists, house cleaners and auto detailers, among countless other services. GiveAwae is looking to become not just a product search engine, but a one-stop shop for all of their customers wants or needs.

About GiveAwae:

Created by DanTech, LLC, GiveAwae is an innovative, multi-vendor platform connecting consumers with retailers and service providers. GiveAwae’s focus is on helping small businesses find outlets to build their brands and increase their sales performance.